Industrial outsourcing / Activity

Helios fibo started it’s activity with the outsourcing of Lafarge beton fleet of mixers and pumps.


Helios fibo also owns one of the largest gravel separation plant in Serbia, and we are among the few biggest suppliers in the market.
We sell and transport natural river aggregate:

  • Fraction I ( 0-4mm )
  • Fraction II ( 4-8mm )
  • Fraction III ( 8-16mm )
  • Fraction IV ( 16-32mm )
  • Iberlauf ( preko 32mm )
  • Natural gravel

The laboratory we own also controls quality of fractions. We have certified which issue IMS in every six-month, which guarantees quality of the fractions we produce.

Transport and pumping

One of the company's activities is the distribution of the fresh concrete. We are doing transport and pumping of concrete 0-24h. Characteristics that set us apart from the competition are expertise, accuracy, precision, flexibility and professionalism.Our team is consisted of people who have large experience in their area. Together we make a chain in which everyone is aware of their responsibilities.


Helios fibo can produce various types of concrete, which quality is verified in our laboratory, which is under the auspices of the Institute of Materials Serbia for many years. Equipped by the standards SRPS SRPS U.M1.051 and U.M1.052 we have permission to issue certificates for compressive strength of concrete produced in our factory, which is included in the price of concrete.